fraud risk assessment training

Course Name: Conducting an Effective Fraud Risk Assessment
Course Duration: 1 hour
Course Format: Webinar
Upcoming Session(s): Contact us
Course Fee: $99 (incl. HST)
Target Audience: Auditors (internal/external), board members, C-suite, department managers
Course Description: When an organization is victimized by fraud, there are often financial, reputational and/or other implications that usually follow.  In order to prevent/detect fraud, organizations must have internal controls in place that are operating effectively.  But how does an organization know if it has sufficient/appropriate internal controls?  The answer lies in a fraud risk assessment, which proactively considers the various ways an organization can be victimized by internal fraud and whether internal controls exist to mitigate such identified risks.At the conclusion of this one-hour fraud awareness training webinar, participants will take away the following:

  • An understanding of what is fraud, indicators to look out for and the profile of a typical fraudster
  • An understanding of what is a fraud risk assessment and the key steps involved in carrying out such an exercise
  • The relationships between fraud risk factors, fraud risks and fraud schemes
  • The mechanics and how to carry out an effective fraud brainstorm discussion
  • How to link identified fraud schemes to internal controls
  • Documenting a fraud risk assessment and performing ongoing updates