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“Mr Nagel’s presentation was great.  Well-delivered and knowledgeable.  Lots of his own experiences were used.  Great.”

“There were lots of practical examples given during the lecture which made the workshop more practical and down-to-earth.”

“Very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience on the subject matter.  Very well communicated.”

“Very thorough, clear, simple in presentation.  Knowledgeable and experienced in the field.”

“Mr. Nagel did a fantastic job bringing in real life situations and breaking down the information for every office.”

“Clear, knowledgeable.”

“Willingness to listen and explain in detail.  Very informative abd patient.  Quite knowledgeable!”

“Facilitation was excellent.”

“Very knowledgeable in his field; excellent presentation skills.”

“Interactive, approachable, explained very well.”

“Knowledgeable, interactive.”

“He knows the subject matter and presented it in an interesting and captivating manner.”

“Excellent Job.  Got the group involved.  Very lively discussion.”

“He was quite descriptive in his presentation and the case studies were very useful.”


“Very good presenter, the use of technology and his knowledge and command of the subject matter was excellent.”

“He was very competent and obviously has a wealth of experience to share.”

“Excellent presenter:  information was easily received.”

“Very coordinated with the information presented.  He was able to clearly elaborate and expand on key issues.”

“Excellent, explained in-depth.”

“Great presenter.  Very knowledgeable and experienced in the field.  With information received, the workshop could continue for an entire week.  Very satisfied.”

“Very resourceful and experienced, skilled in the field.”

“Very good presenter; explained well and gave many examples.”

“Very articulate, pleasant, he was professional, properly dressed and patient.”

“Mr Nagel was “on point”; information was very clear and comprehensive.”

“Extremely well-qualified and informed to faciliatate the sessions.”

“Very knowledgeable in that field and a great presenter overall.”

Comments received from participants who attended Edward Nagel’s session entitled, “Fundamentals in Fraud and Forensic Auditing” delivered in Roseau, Dominica, in partnership with The Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting (CIFA).

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