fraud response plan


fraud response plan

When fraud is suspected, how—and how quickly you respond to such matterscan significantly influence the potential impact to your organization-–be it financial, reputational or otherwise.

nagel + associates assists clients to develop a “crisis response” plan, which will include:

  • Specific steps to take when fraud allegations surface;
  • Procedures to identify and secure potential sources of evidence, until investigators arrive (to mitigate destruction);
  • Internal and external communication that must occur; and
  • Contact information of the people who need to be involved in the initial response.

Don’t leave things to chance…be prepared when fraud strikes.

We have been involved in several cases where management took preliminary steps to review electronic devices, prior to them being properly secured and imaged; as a result, they tarnished such evidence.  Given the proliferation of technology in today’s society, this can make or break a case.  Knowing what steps to take–and more importantly, steps organizations should not take–is critical to the success and/or failure of the investigation.