employee surveys


employee surveys

An organization’s strength is largely driven by the quality of its people.  By performing an employee cultural survey, companies can gauge their employees’ commitment to the organization.  The survey would focus on identifying the potential incentives/pressures, attitudes/rationalizations and/or opportunities that may be indicators of fraud or areas where fraud is susceptible within an organization.

nagel + associates delivers paper or web-based surveys that will be analyzed in conjunction with management; you will also receive recommendations for remediation of weaknesses identified.

What your employees are thinking may help uncover areas particularly vulnerable to fraud

After all, a committed employee is less likely to engage in illicit activity such as fraud and other financial wrongdoing, as they feel a sense of “belonging” and “ownership” to the company (i.e. they are less likely to “steal from themselves”).  Employee surveys are also critical to understand the areas within an organization that are most susceptible to fraud and therefore, require training to ensure employees can identify the “red flags” or indicators of fraud.

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