anti-fraud policies


anti-fraud policies

An organization’s written policies are integral to their corporate governance structure, providing employees with guidance regarding the board and management’s expectations of appropriate behaviour.  An effective anti-fraud policy will clearly outline the company’s expectations of its employees with respect to appropriate conduct and specific consequences that will ensue from any violations of the policy.

Toronto forensic accountants nagel + associates works closely with clients to develop a policy that is aligned with the organization’s specific needs and business structure.

Setting the right ‘tone at the top’ with effective policies is a key component of fraud awareness and prevention

Policies normally serve as deterrents to those considering committing fraudulent acts, particularly if the consequences are clearly articulated and significant.  nagel + associates inc. also helps clients develop other policies, including those for Whistleblower Hotlines (offered by companies such as our partner, The Listening Post) and Codes of Conduct, and can provide training to employees in respect of such policies.