anti-fraud consulting


anti-fraud consulting

The high-profile frauds of the past decade remind us of the need for ongoing vigilance, fraud risk assessments, tighter monitoring of internal controls and the importance of ongoing anti-fraud training.

Toronto forensic accounting firm nagel + associates inc. brings first-hand knowledge and insight about how internal controls are overridden or fail, and complex frauds are perpetrated, based on experience conducting forensic investigations.  We are a boutique forensic accounting firm with experience interviewing countless witnesses, suspected fraudsters and fraudsters themselves who have disclosed the methods and motivations used to carry out the fraudulent acts.  We have also identified and reviewed the documentation that provides the paper trail confirming/dispelling allegations, including electronic evidence obtained through computer forensics.

Drawing from those experiences, Toronto forensic accounting firm nagel + associates inc. advises companies about their exposure to fraud.

prevention – rather than detection – is the best deterrence against fraud

Whether an organization is comprised of 5 or 5,000 employees, we provide a variety of anti-fraud consulting services designed to help mitigate the risk of fraud, including:

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