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forensic investigations

When fraud allegations surface, our firm assists clients to discreetly carry out forensic investigations; this includes fraud investigations, Anton Piller Orders, computer forensics and fidelity claims, amongst other related services. 


anti-fraud consulting

As forensic accountants, we believe that prevention – rather than detection – is the best deterrence against fraud. As such, clients retain us to proactively assess their fraud risks through various anti-fraud consulting initiatives, including fraud risk assessments, employee surveys, development of anti-fraud policies and internal control mapping. 


anti-fraud traininganti-fraud training

If you provide employees with customized corporate training in fraud prevention/detection, you will increase the likelihood that they will identify the potential indicators or “red flags” of fraud. nagel + associates also provides training for lawyers (including Expert Witness Training) and training for auditors, who must consider fraud and error as part of their financial statement audits.