payroll fraud awareness training

Course Name: Payroll Fraud: Understanding and Managing the Risks 
Course Duration: 1 hour
Course Format: Webinar
Upcoming Session(s): Contact us
Course Fee: $99 (incl. HST)
Target Audience: Auditors (internal/external), board members, C-suite, department managers, payroll professionals, HR
Course Description: As an organization’s largest operating expense, payroll is particularly vulnerable to fraud.  The use of third parties, coupled with the increased reliance on technology to process payroll, can make it easier to perpetrate–and more difficult to detect–this type of fraud.  Knowing what the possible indicators or ‘red flags’ of payroll fraud are will help mitigate potential losses to an organization.At the conclusion of this one-hour fraud awareness training webinar, participants will take away the following:

  • An understanding of what is fraud, indicators to look out for and the profile of a typical fraudster
  • How accounting and payroll records are commonly manipulated to perpetrate payroll fraud
  • “Red flags” of typical payroll fraud schemes
  • Practical strategies to prevent/detect payroll fraud
  • Payroll fraud cases and how they were investigated
  • Current risk management trends organizations can implement to mitigate this known risk