effective investigations training

Course Name: Conducting An Effective Fraud/Forensic Investigation
Course Duration: 1 hour
Course Format: Webinar
Upcoming Session(s): Contact us
Course Fee: $99 (incl. HST)
Target Audience: Auditors (internal/external), board members, C-suite, department managers, HR, internal/external legal counsel
Course Description: When an organization suspects fraud, how—and how quickly it responds—will determine the potential impact to the organization.  Whether the suspected fraud was uncovered by a tip, audit or by accident, the organization must consider several key issues, such as: How much has been taken? When? By whom?  It must also consider the knowledge and capability of the potential players involved in order to decide whether the organization has the skills and resources to conduct the investigation internally or whether outside help is required.  How potential evidence—particularly electronic evidence–is identified, collected and preserved, can also impact the investigation outcome.At the conclusion of this one-hour fraud awareness training webinar, participants will take away the following:

  • An understanding of what is fraud, indicators to look out for and the profile of a typical fraudster
  • The key issues to consider when fraud allegations surface, including the use of internal vs. external resources
  • Identification, collection and preservation of potential sources of evidence that could confirm/dispel the fraud allegations
  • Conducting effective interviews of witnesses
  • The role of technology in conducting a forensic investigation
  • Preparing an investigative report that is suitable for court, insurance claims or other purposes