an introduction to fraud awareness

Course Name: An Introduction to Fraud Awareness
Course Duration: 1 hour
Course Format: Webinar
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Course Fee: $99 (incl. HST)
Target Audience: Auditors (internal/external), board members, C-suite, department managers, HR, internal/external legal counsel, payroll professionals, general public
Course Description: Most organizations today recognize that it’s not a matter of IF, but rather WHEN they will be victimized by fraud.  To the extent that employees and management know what is fraud and how to detect it, this will directly impact the ensuing damage that can follow a financial crime event.  There are various ways for occupational fraud—or fraud perpetrated from within an organization—to occur.  Moreover, there are certain “red flags” present when such schemes are carried out.  Notwithstanding the best internal controls, fraudsters take advantage of complacency and trust in order to carry out their actions.At the conclusion of this one-hour fraud awareness training webinar, participants will take away the following:

  • An understanding of what is fraud, why people commit fraud and the profile of a typical fraudster
  • Recent fraud statistics that highlight what areas of an organization are particularly vulnerable to fraud
  • High level coverage of the various internal fraud schemes that often occur and the indicators or “red flags” to look out for to detect such schemes
  • How technology is used to perpetrate fraud
  • Practical initiatives organizations can implement to mitigate the risk of fraud